Annual Convocation

Now is the time of our annual convocation for the Order of St. Francis. This year it is virtual through zoom. Please keep me and my brothers in your prayers. This is also an exciting time for me as I take on my new skin (my habit) and spend the next two years with the Tunic of St. Francis as my skin. I’ll post pictures and a link to the induction ceremony recording. This is when I take novice vows and take on the habit of St. Francis.

Some music video’s I’ve come to love.

I wanted to share some music that I have really come to love. The first is a rendition of the Our Father in Aramaic. It’s beautiful.

Another awesome song is by Cloverton – God Help Me to Be. Honestly this song is more of a prayer and frankly gave me chills. It’s beautiful and I have added it to my personal prayer life.

I have others that I’ll post about later. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Seems like life is so busy these days.

So our next semester of the ESM classes has begun and this semester is exciting but a lot of work. Old Testament Exegesis for one class and the integration of chanting (Gregorian Style) into liturgy. This last one is one I am very excited about.

The Old Testament Exegesis course though is going to be a huge amount of reading and study. Especially with working full time. About 300 pages of reading give or take a hundred. (depends on how much is bibliography)

Purpose of daily devotions

I found this to be a great explanation of why daily devotional time is so important….

There is a purpose for daily devotional practices. We do it for a reason. There is a goal to it. We want to connect back to God who calls us each by name. We want to align our priorities with his. We want to make our individual stories part of his greater, larger, deeper story. We want to be transformed to be as he is so that we may love as he does so that, so graced, we might better understand and express his love for us and for all of creation. — From the book “Inwardly Digest. The Prayer Book as a Guide to a Spiritual Life” by Derek Olsen.


I was officially confirmed yesterday in the episcopal church and record I Ed as a member of Christ Church Cathedral in St. Louis. I have also started my coursework at the Episcopal School for Ministry.