Some music video’s I’ve come to love.

I wanted to share some music that I have really come to love. The first is a rendition of the Our Father in Aramaic. It’s beautiful.

Another awesome song is by Cloverton – God Help Me to Be. Honestly this song is more of a prayer and frankly gave me chills. It’s beautiful and I have added it to my personal prayer life.

I have others that I’ll post about later. I just wanted to share a few of my favorites.

Seems like life is so busy these days.

So our next semester of the ESM classes has begun and this semester is exciting but a lot of work. Old Testament Exegesis for one class and the integration of chanting (Gregorian Style) into liturgy. This last one is one I am very excited about.

The Old Testament Exegesis course though is going to be a huge amount of reading and study. Especially with working full time. About 300 pages of reading give or take a hundred. (depends on how much is bibliography)