My Personal Rule of Life

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I will live in the way of the Order of Saint Francis of which I am a brother in postulancy.  I will follow in my vow of Obedience by obeying the commandments of God and when I fall, I will ask forgiveness and try to do better.  I will obey the instructions of my minister general for my religious order when they do not run counter to the commandments of God.

I will live in the way of Chasity by refraining from physical relationships.  Praying and trusting in God to someday send me the one good person that he wants to share my life with.

I will live my vow of Poverty by not letting possessions or the desire for possessions control me.  It is only by knowing that everything I have is from God that I can be truly poor and serve the lord.  I will be generous, seeking not possessions but only God. 

I will strive to be kind and love all creation as Jesus and Francis did.

I will participate in activities that help sustain my faith and walk with the lord.  These include praying the daily office, attending church regularly and participating in the Eucharist, making quiet time for God, I will supplement my compline office with song that praises the lord.  I will also read a minimum of two chapters of the bible daily. 

I will strive to eat healthy and commit to my own personal hygiene and healthier lifestyle.

I will live my walk with Francis through prayer and volunteer work and through continuing education and seeking of knowledge.  I will serve the under privileged at breakfast twice a month when possible.  I will keep in mind the scripture in Matthew 25:40-45.

I will replenish my spirit with prayer and song and by continuing growth within my order.  This includes studies prior to entering the novitiate, meeting at annual convocation and monthly meetings via teleconference for fellowship with my brothers.  It also includes spiritual growth through attending classes at the Episcopal School for Ministry. 

I will take my personal ministry as a call from God.  A ministry of prayer for our religious communities and those who are sick or hurting.  Using my skills to help my order and other religious communities with their technology needs.  And in intercessory prayer for my Church, all religious communities, and my fellow brothers and sisters throughout the world.